Evolutionary Genomics group at University of Vienna

Martin Kuhlwilm and team

Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Funding from WWTF

Main scientific topics: Admixture & population genomics in ancient & modern populations, computational tools, and more

Below you find direct links to the PI’s main scientific publications. These revolve around admixture in humans and great apes, and what makes each lineage special.

A full list of publications on admixture and more can be found in the PI-CV and on Google Scholar.

Graphic of a phylogenetic tree of humans and great apes

Admixture and what it means

Everything you need to know about ​Admixture in mammals and its functional consequences in one article.

sstar to detect introgression

Great apes

My work on aspects of gene flow in our closest living relatives, and the uniqueness of bonobos:

Ghost introgression in gorillas

Ghost introgression in bonobos

Gene flow from bonobos to chimpanzees

How genetic variation makes bonobos special

Humans and archaics

My work on human uniqueness and our interactions with Neandertals can be found here:

Human gene flow into Neandertals

How genetic variation makes humans special

FOXP2 and admixture